• Peter Kharchenko

    Peter Kharchenko (PI)

    Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics | DBMI | HSCI

    phone: 617-432-7377
    e-mail: peter.kharchenko@post.harvard.edu
    office: Countway room 312, 10 Shattuck St., Boston, MA 02115

    Peter received a PhD in Biophysics at Harvard University, studying gene regulation and metabolic networks under the advisement of George Church. He then completed a four-year postdoctoral fellowship in computational biology and genomics in the laboratory of Peter Park.

  • Jean Fan

    Jean Fan


    Jean Fan is graduate student at the BIG program at the CBMI. Jean earned her undergraduate degrees in biomedical engreering, applied mathematics and statistics from the Johns Hopkins University. Currently she is working on new ways of interpreting heterogeneity in single-cell populations.

  • Joe Herman

    Joe Herman


    Joe has received his PhD in Statistics from University of Oxford studying probabilistic models of sequence evolution. As a postdoctoral fellow, Joe has been working on development of novel statistical approaches for analysis of single-cell transcriptome data, includng spatially-resolved transcriptome measurements.

  • Jimin Guo

    Jimin Guo


    During his PhD work at McGill University, Jimin has studied contribution of signalling mechanisms to cancer progression. Jimin is a joint postdoctoral fellow between our lab and the laboratory of David Weitz at SEAS. He is pursuing application of droplet microfluidics to high-throughput single-cell transcriptional other genomic assays.

  • Joe Riggs

    Joe Riggs

    e-mail: Marion_Riggs@hms.harvard.edu

    Following his PhD work on the stem cell biology, Joe has joined the lab to pursue epigenetic analysis of neurophsychiatric disorders as part of the NIH CEGS initiative. Joe has been applying modern epigenetic assays, such as ATAC-seq to study patient-derived cells.

  • Tibor Pakozdi

    Tibor Pakozdi


    Tibor conducted his PhD work at EMBL Heidelberg in Eileen Furlong's lab, studying developmental networks and transcriptional regulation in fly and other organisms. Tibor is now focusing on the analysis of epigenetic aberrations in human cancers.


    Former lab members

  • Xin Wang

    Xin Wang


    Xin has received his PhD from the University of Cambridge (Florian Markowetz group), and as a postdoctoral fellow worked on cancer genomics, including integrative analysis of midline carcinoma, as well as development of novel ChIP-seq analysis methods. Xin has moved on to start his own lab as an Assistant Professor at the City University of Hong Kong

  • April Lo

    April Lo


    April is a Biomedical Engineering undergraduate from Johns Hopkins University who spent a summer of 2015 in the lab working on quantificaiton and background corrections of the CyTOF data.

  • Katherine Lachance

    Katherine Lachance


    Katie was a talented undergrand from Darthmouth who spent the summer in the lab comparing different approaches for representing and visualizing single-cell transcritpmic data. Katie is now a graduate student in the BIG PhD program.

  • Luca Petiti

    Luca Petiti


    A visiting gratudate student from University of Milan interested in genomics. Luca has worked on large-scale comparative epigenetic analysis, and is currently finishing up his PhD.

  • James Xue

    James Xue

    e-mail: jx2176@columbia.edu

    James is a Computer Science undergraduate at Columbia University, with a strong interest in bioinformatics. His project in the lab involved setting up a flexible experiment management and analysis system for the mass spectroscopy analysis of chromatin complexes.

  • Sizun Jiang

    Sizun Jiang

    e-mail: sjiang@fas.harvard.edu

    Sizun is a graduate student with Harvard Virology program, studying epigenetic and regulatory effects of the Epstein-Barr virus transformation of B cells into tumors through both wet lab and computational approaches.

  • George Linderman

    George Linderman

    e-mail: linderman@case.edu

    George is joining us for the summer from Case Western Reserve University. He is working on a new approach to analysis of short-read sequencing data originating from highly-repetitive regions.

  • Andrew Ivanov

    Andrew Ivanov

    e-mail: andreyivanov88@gmail.com

    Andrew is a Boston University undergraduate student (majoring in Biomedical Engineering), who is joining us for the summer to conduct statistical analysis of the relationships between local mutation rates and epigenetic context.